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Meetups, healthcare and mobile

Hi there,

Today I went to another one of Cambridge’s great meetups, organised by the Cambridge Mobile App Group. (Side note, I didn’t blog about last meetup but you should definitely check Qriously).

Today’s meetup was about “opportunities and challenges in developing healthcare software”, with a talk by Ian and Nick from Cambridge Cognition, free beer and mince pies (thanks Red Gate!).

My knowledge of the healthcare software industry is close to nil, less after this talk though, but it is a very interesting topic nonetheless so, here are my thoughts on today’s topic.

Healthcare software has been around for ages, but with the advent of the iPad, tablets in general I mean, it feels this industry is going through some important tectonic plate moves right now, the kind that can create great opportunities.

Definitely less crowded than games, social or name any other trendy apps, this is usually a very powerful money machine that helps millions (billions?) of people every year. Not everything is perfect though, it feels to me there many issues and difficulties, especially for starters, to get a product and business up and running. Certification seems to be the big blocker here and I still have no idea how the process works, but it does sound complicated.

Data Privacy was one of the other issues referred, although it isn’t exclusive to this industry, it is never enough to get reminded that whenever you work with personal information, you must know the data flow of your favourite service! The last thing you want is some legal issue over log files, with sensitive information, being stored outside Europe (or in Europe if you’re reading from another area). Next time you have to pay for servers, keep that in mind too ;)

Some of these issues deserve a post for themselves, I would be especially interested in user interfaces!

For anyone thinking on investing in this area, this is definitely a great time. Many of the questions and problems raised, especially hardware adoption, sound similar to when Desktops where starting to “invade” the very same healthcare industry.

There’s no magic formula for success but being at the right place at the right time definitely helps. Although, as I said above, there are plenty of walls to take down for starters, this is an industry with a slow adoption rate and shifts in technology like this don’t happen every day. I’m confident the new players today can be the big ones tomorrow and stay for a long and prosperous time.

It is indeed impossible to transcribe all the information you get by listening to interesting and knowledgeable people. If you haven’t been, please go to a meetup of your interest!

After the talk there was some time to socialise and have a look to other apps. It is soooo exciting to see soooo many great apps and ideas being develop around here and everyone has always something interesting to say or show :)

Cambridge is a very active place for developers and I love the diversity of it!

P.s. I found Cambridge Cognition’s Robot testing for touch performance (profiling) really cool. I wonder how much could be achieved with humans and video synchronised with the app, or another machine? Cheaper? :)

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.

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Crowdsourced Microcredit

Hey! :)

I’m back to the blogging life (for today at least).

Just to share another one of those (crazy?) ideas.
Everyone has been talking about anti-corporation and power-to-the-people movements recently, that’s all good but we do need banks and credit!

What I propose is a share of power and responsibility. The Crowdsourced Microcredit!

Imagine a Kiva kind of service (awesome service by the way, take a look) for Wonga clients (everyone actually) — short-term micro-loans supported by the community.

There are two types of users in that service, those applying for a loan and those supporting it.
The latter ones would see a totally anonymous list of open loan applications, their duration and credit rate, to which they can contribute with any value and receive 70% of the interest rate when repaid.

Only two rules, no one can lend money until they pay all their loans and no one can apply for a new loan until all previous loans are repaid.

Everyone wins! Some get a loan while others make profit but the key point is distribution of power and responsibility.

There are the obvious problems with repayment rate (trust) though. I’d be more than happy to discuss hypothetic solutions for them but, after all, it isn’t that different from a non-crowdsourced credit.

If this already exists, please, send me the link :)

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Sad moment

Today was a sad day, I will explain soon. I wish personal and professional lifes were really unrelated, but unfortunately they aren’t.

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Career choices

Please Mind the Cliche!

Some of us spend most of our life working and sleeping, so it is important we do the ‘right thing’ if we want to keep our mental and physical health.

One of the requirements to keep you happy for a while is a good balance between doing something you really like and working in an environment you love. Usually people in this situation are very proud to speak about what they do, but I’m not going to pretend I believe this is always possible, it isn’t!

I know some people are unhappy simply because they choose their jobs entirely based on the ‘money’ factor, not that I have anything against making money (quite the opposite) and some really well paid jobs can be very enjoyable. My point is that money alone won’t keep you happy for long in a crappy job (even if you believe so). You can easily spot those people, they’re the ones that only look happy when speaking about their expensive houses, trips, cars and other such things.

This happens because the time you have to use the money is much less than the time you spend earning it and remember, you don’t like what you do.

Yes, there’s also a group of people that didn’t get both (money or a great job), those I can’t comment, fortunately I’ve never been there (yes, now it’s the time to call me ‘lucky bastard’).

Once a wise guy told me “Money comes from success more often than success comes from money”.

Now stop reading this and GO TO WORK! :)

See you later,

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Hi all,

London is silently getting bigger, not only in size and population, but its influence in the World dreams and minds.
Everyone knows London is already a World city (one of the or the most important one) but it isn’t the dream city, that we leave to New York and a few others around.

If you ask me why (and I’m assuming you did) I will answer that everyone can dream and move to New York and all such cities but London is different, London chooses you! You can’t, even if you try, choose to be happy in London. If you’re not the one you will suffer the consequences (some say you could even end crazy!).

So, how do you know you were chosen, you ask? For me it was simple! If you can see more than its chaotic (dis)organisation, if its darkness and imperfection wakes the curious cat in you, if you feel excitement when observing all the movement, people and almost random choices of this city and especially if you feel the adrenaline when you turn into a dark alley just to find out surprise is in the end… if you feel all that and more, you’re on the right way.

London constantly disappoints, constantly sends you home but if you are a curious cat, a persistent one, you will end up in wonderland.
London is built on duality, you get the worst and the best and it keeps reminding you who chose who! Not you, London did!

For that and much more (unfortunately I can’t tell, it can only be seen), I love London and I know one day, London will love me back!

By the way, check this link:

See you later,

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